Ministry of Music

If you are interested in participating with our St. John’s Jordan choir, love music and want to spend time with a group of friendly singers, then contact us at 905-562-7238.

Your voice would be most welcomed in our Ministry!


St. John’s, Jordan was built in 1841. It is one of the first churches in Niagara built in the gothic style. The choir sat in a western gallery with a small portable organ, probably a harmonium. This was replaced with a larger instrument in the late 1800s. In 1933 a small pipe organ was installed in the front northeast corner. It was during this time the pews were changed to accommodate the choir at the front of the church. In 1940, the old pipe organ finally gave its last gasp and got replaced with a reed organ. This ended up at St. Mark’s, Louth when a Hammond electric organ was installed in 1957. After many years, the organ needed to be replaced. What to choose? A newer electric or traditional pipe organ? It was after the arrival of Rev. Keith Whittingham, a musician himself, that the idea to build an organ to suit the church took hold. At the vestry meeting in 1984, a committee was formed to come up with specific recommendations. It was decided a pipe organ would best serve the musical needs of the parish and also be in keeping with the historic building. After getting quotations from numerous builders in Canada and the United States, the parish chose Karl Wilhelm of Mont St. Hilaire, Québec. The organ is unique to St. John’s. It is a mechanical action instrument. The only electrical component is the blower. that supplies the wind. When a key is pressed, a series of trackers work to open the pipe so the air can make a sound. When you think about it, an organ is just a series of whistles on a box. The Wilhelm organ was built according to historic principles that go back 400 years. There are 509 pipes, ranging in size from a tree trunk to a pencil, that make the sound for 8 different stops.  It was an exciting day in December when the organ was hoisted up into the gallery, just in time for Christmas.